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Top 7 Digital Marketing Companies in Pune [2019]

Searching for Digital Marketing Companies in Pune is very easy, but getting a job in a good digital marketing company is a little tough.

There are hundreds of small and medium scale digital marketing companies available in Pune. But the main problems with these companies are their experience in the industry. Due to this main issue, a good digital marketer can not able to grow in a newbie company.

Problems with the startup in Pune is that they are not much familiar with Digital Marketing and they don’t have that much of budget and patience.

Hiring a good and experienced digital marketer is tough for small scale companies.

The same thing is happening with a digital marketer. For a digital marketer, they want such a company where they can grow in the carrier and ultimately contribute to the company.

Here below I have listed top 7 digital marketing companies from Pune where a digital marketer can find the growth, good company culture and environment and of course good salary.

Note: This is purely my personal opinion about the companies.

1. GO MO Group AB

GO MO Group AB is a Swedish SEO and Digital marketing agency in Pune. It is well known for its office culture and work process. They have a team around 100 people and provides training to their employes from time to time. 

  • LinkedIn Followers: 1653
  • Twitter Followers: 649
  • Facebook Page Like: 962
  • Instagram Followers: NA
  • SEO Rank for “Digital Marketing Company in Pune”: 35


2.  SRV Media

SRV Media is the well known Digital Marketing company in Pune for a decade. Their digital marketing strategies received recognition from the globe. Check out their website for more details.

  • LinkedIn Followers: 3792
  • Twitter Followers: 333
  • Facebook Page Like: 27,742
  • Instagram Followers: 251
  • SEO Rank for “Digital Marketing Company in Pune”: 5


3. Amura Technology

Amura technology is a well know digital marketing agency for real estate. They have achieved expertise in the real estate sector compared with the other sectors. Amura has a Facebook Marketing Partner Badge.

  • LinkedIn Followers: 17,459
  • Twitter Followers: 429
  • Facebook Page Like: 4977
  • Instagram Followers: 470
  • SEO Rank for “Digital Marketing Company in Pune”: 23


4. IKF

IKF is one of the oldest digital marketing company in Pune. They are a very well known brand in Pune.

  • LinkedIn Followers: 4425
  • Twitter Followers: 1509
  • Facebook Page Like: 4737
  • Instagram Followers: 493
  • SEO Rank for “Digital Marketing Company in Pune”: 1


5. BrainMineTech

BrainMineTech is the best SEO agency in Pune. If we search for the term “Best SEO Company in Pune” then their website rank no. 1 on SERP.

  • LinkedIn Followers: 737
  • Twitter Followers: 758
  • Facebook Page Like: 14537
  • Instagram Followers:
  • SEO Rank for “Digital Marketing Company in Pune”: 7


6. Social Champ

Social Champ has gained recognition from around India. They are very creative and always uses data-driven strategy.

  • LinkedIn Followers: 2529
  • Twitter Followers: 3115
  • Facebook Page Like: 7204
  • Instagram Followers:
  • SEO Rank for “Digital Marketing Company in Pune”: 14


7. Technooyster

Technooyster is a mid scale company in team size, but their working environment is very relaxed and calm. You will get the opportunity to learn and grow with the latest trends happening in the digital marketing world. Check out their career page.

  • LinkedIn Followers: 485
  • Twitter Followers: 409
  • Facebook Page Like: 1297
  • Instagram Followers: 139
  • SEO Rank for “Digital Marketing Company in Pune”: 3


Let us know what do you think of these companies in the comment section below. If you think that your company can be on the list then comment below or DM me on Twitter.


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  1. You have compiled a great list of best digital marketing companies in Pune, thank you so much for sharing this insightful article. I too run a digital marketing agency in Koregaon Park, Pune named as “7 Seas Solutions” and the day is not far when our name will be among the top digital marketing companies in Pune

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