seo scam in india


Digital Marketing is a very popular growing term in India.

Everyone started learning digital marketing as there are huge demands, which fresher come to know exactly how much demand is there after completion of course.

Every small and big company started doing digital marketing to acquire the market.

To eat the cake, institute and agencies entered in between to fulfill the market gap.

As other industries want good service in digital marketing though they don’t have the budget to spend on digital marketing.

Here many small digital marketing agencies started to do digital marketing claiming as an industry expert.

And institutes are looting candidates by taking a huge amount of fees. We will talk about digital marketing institutes later.

As taking advantage of booming word digital marketing, many companies are started so-called startup in India, claiming they have expertise in it.

Individual also involved in it as a freelancer by taking projects at a very cheap price.

To compete with the freelancer, small and new agencies started taking digital marketing projects at a cheap price.

Most of the agencies and freelancers are not aware of the scope of work.

They charged the client on a monthly basis with 6 -12 years of the contract.

Other industries believe that by paying a small amount of money they will get the result from the expert.

Because actual digital marketing industry experts charge a lot for different services.

Most of the digital marketing agencies commit a lot before signing an agreement.

But they keep their side safe(which the client realized after years)

Now the client decides to go with X agency, by thinking they will get the result at a low cost.

After first-month digital marketing reports are generated and the client asks for the result.

Which they were expecting lots of leads and sales.

Then agency or freelancer suggest them to have some patience. This is a long term project.

If you want a quick result then go for Google Ads or Paid Marketing.

The client waits for years to gain the ranking of the first page of Google.

Many freelancers and small scale digital marketing agencies show SEO result in terms of ranking. But they will not speak about the sales or leads through those keywords for which they are showing ranking.

The keywords that get ranked on the first page of Google most of the times has no searches.

Most of the digital marketing agencies get success and most of failed.

Here the client lost a whole year of amount and time as well.

After that, they decided to go with another agency.

This time they have done lots of research and taken the interviews with agencies.

After finding a good digital marketing agency they have realized that now they have to invest a lot of money in SEO, SMO and others.

Again there is a fear of signing a contract with a new agency.

There is no standard maintained by this small digital marketing agency.

Clients are now started complaining about the companies service in consumers court.

A good genuine digital marketing agency can not afford to sell their service at a low price.

If you are being charged by a huge amount then maybe you have chosen the right digital marketing agency but cannot guarantee.

We can not identify which one is a good or bad digital marketing agency.

There are lots of fake reviews, testimonials and so many things.

Though the company is on the first page of Google that doesn’t guarantee they will rank your website for a particular keyword.

In a small agency, employes don’t stay for a longer time and hence company doesn’t have an idea how to do next SEO or SMO project as same as our x employee did on our website.

If the same team is working in the agency from a longer period of time, then company culture is very good and they are getting paid what they are actually deserved. This happens in most of the MNC’s.

SEO is not a cheap service and it is a time taking process. If the individual is doing your SEO ask for his website ranking. Check its brand status.

If they are well known in the industry. Then you can go with them.

Try to get a reference from your friends. Because you will get the proper idea about the company.

If you think that your digital marketing agency is cheating with you or do you want to help in choosing the right digital marketing agency then comment below or contact me.


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