Digital Marketing for Restaurants in India

Digital Marketing for Restaurants in India

It’s great that you own a small cafe or restaurant and paid a lot of rent and bills to run it smoothly.

But you can’t able to achieve the break-even point in your business.

You have a very good marketing plan but don’t have that much of budget.

You may have heard of digital marketing from your friends or many digital marketing agencies may have already approached you.

But still, you don’t have that much of budget too.

Most of the people may be suggested you to shut down the restaurant or you may have thought of it most of the time.

Don’t worry….

If you have a very small limited budget for digital marketing then still you can do it.


  1. Courage
  2. Small digital marketing budget
  3. Time


Now let’s have a look of scenario


You own a cafe and digital marketing agencies are costing you a lot.

The problem here is that you don’t want to do it by yourself that’s why you have approached the digital marketing agencies.

If you are willing to do it by yourself, though you have a very tight schedule still you can do it.

To achieve the best out of digital marketing is you need proper planning and strategy.

If you are aware of digital marketing then it’s good but if you don’t then you will learn in a very short period of time.

Let’s plan your digital marketing

First, you have to note down your target (of course sale) but before that, you have to build a brand within your area.

For generating sales online I would recommend to go on Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda and other food portals where you will start getting sell from the first week.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t need digital marketing anymore.

If you are not building a brand then you are not in business.

A recent survey shows that 80% of people check the social site before purchase. That’s why social media presence should be very strong.

Second, you will need a Facebook page, Instagram account, and Twitter.

If you have a separate budget for a website then I will recommend to have it or build a simple single page website and host it on your domain.

There are 3 major parts in restaurant digital marketing

  1. Social Media
  2. Paid Marketing (Facebook & Google Adwords)
  3. SEO

Out of these 3, only 2 points are important to us.

  1. Social Media
  2. Facebook Paid Advertising

With a very small budget, one can not simply go with Google Ads.

You can build brand awareness through display advertising but this is  not useful in the initial phase of digital marketing.

After creating all social media accounts now you need a social media calendar.

Social Media calendar is planning your whole month in advance.

This is very important and very useful if you really want to save your precious time.

While creating a social media calendar you should have a campaign.

You can create a campaign according to your goal. If it’s your first month of digital marketing then your campaign goal should be brand awareness and engagement with people.

Considering the first month, a social media calendar should have brand awareness and engagement content.

You have to think like how people are going to like my post, encourage them to comment on it.

To create highly engageable content you can ask me anytime through email. I would like to help you.

Check how your competitors are doing on social media.

You will get ideas from there only. What type of content is working on which type of post people are commenting more and so on.

Then the next part is to create visual for your daily social media post.

I would recommend you to use your phone camera and just add your logo on the visuals.

Write funny, creative description for the visuals and ask for like, comment and share in the post.

In the initial phase of digital marketing, you don’t have that much of followers.

Here comes paid marketing.

You have to pay to Facebook, Instagram to get in front of people to know about your brand.


Set up the page like campaign and target the specific area.

If the cost per like is costing you high still target proper area.

Don’t buy unwanted likes from the other region.

Get up to 2K page likes to get the proper result.

So if we consider all the above things in cost, you have just paid for the facebook page like campaign which may cost up to Rs. 4000 for 2K likes (Rs. 2/like)

Getting genuine people on your facebook page will help to get likes, comment and share on the post.

In the first month no need to rush behind sales.

Generate high engagement on all your social accounts than competitors.

This helps to build the brand.

Converting Facebook likes or Instagram followers to the customers is a difficult task.

But not impossible.

Now to get the people on the table or to make them order online you have to give them something first.

Give people surprises, gifts, offers, discounts with your table booking or food order.

People are crazy about the discount.

Arrange the contest on social media with an amazing offer.

This is the best digital marketing strategy which always works for the restaurant.

Continue this for 6 months until you get a handsome digital marketing budget.

This will help you to understand your audience, how digital marketing works for the restaurant and what your customers want.

As your business grow then you can hand it over to digital marketing agency to boost the performance.

You focus on improvising your service quality and let the digital marketing agency do their work.

At the monthly report, you will come to know how they are doing and what to do next?

If you have any problems or queries related to digital marketing then let me know in the comment section below. If your restaurant is new or you are thinking to start one then I will help you to setup all the digital marketing campaign at free of cost.

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